10 New Facts To Make You Seem Smarter

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Facts are the life force of Listverse. We even have an entire categorydedicated to it. In this list we look at ten new facts that have never featured here before – facts that will help us to seem much smarter to our friends when we pop them out over a few drinks or at the dinner table. Please use the comments to share other fun facts with the other readers – especially facts which haven’t appeared on lists before.



10. Foiled By A Name


First of all, almost no one uses real tin foil these days. The stuff we all call “tin foil” is actually aluminium foil. Originally foil was made of tin but it gave (not surprisingly) a tin flavor to whatever it touched. It was heavier than modern aluminium foil, which has its benefits but not enough to keep it going strong in our kitchens. Aluminium foil began to surpass tin foil after World War II but it had been available since 1910 when it was first produced by “Dr. Lauber, Neher & Cie.” a Swiss company using the force of a waterfall to drive the foil making machinery. Its first use in the US was as a wrapper on Life Savers candy in 1913.

Interesting Fact: Tin foil was used to fill cavities in teeth before the 20th century. If you have fillings today and have ever chewed a piece of aluminium foil, this fact should make you squirm!


9. Show Me The Money

Gold Price Wobbles As Liquidation Intensifies

Everyone knows that most of the gold held in reserve in the United States of America is stored at Fort Knox right? Actually, it isn’t. In reality, most of the gold in the US is stored at the Federal Reserve Vault at Wall Street in New York. Another interesting fact is that most of that gold doesn’t even belong to the US – it belongs to foreign accounts! Given the state of the US dollar at the moment maybe the US government should nationalize it all in what would probably be the largest gold theft in history!

Interesting Fact: The value of gold is constantly changing – but its real worth isn’t. The price of a brand new high quality suit would cost the same weight in gold today as a brand new high quality toga in ancient Rome. Gold doesn’t change – we do.

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