10 People Who Claim To Be Reincarnations Of Other People

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Stories of people claiming to be reincarnated from other people will pop up every now and then. Some claims are obviously hoaxes, and we do not need to scratch past the surface to find out. Others, however, cannot be easily passed off as such, especially when the person involved reveals private details about their former lives.

Whether or not you believe in reincarnation depends on your religious, cultural, or personal beliefs. Nevertheless, here are ten interesting reincarnation stories that might be worth a read. Judge for yourself whether or not there’s anything to them.


10. Ryan

Ryan (born in 2005) was just a boy when he claimed to be the reincarnation of Marty Martyn, who had died about 50 years earlier. Ryan recognized Martyn in a photograph. Normally, someone like Martyn could not have been as rich as Ryan had claimed. Martyn was just a movie extra. Well, that was until he hit riches when he became a talent agent.

Martyn traveled around the world in large boats and bought a big house with a swimming pool and a piano. Ryan mentioned all of these. Ryan also added that he had two sisters, one of whom was a dancer, and that his mother had brown, curly hair. Ryan also mentioned that Martyn enjoyed sunbathing, was prone to getting sunburned, and had an African American maid. All of these were true.

Ryan was a bit off with some of his descriptions of Martyn, though. For instance, he said that Martyn’s home address contained either “Rock” or “Mount.” Martyn’s last address did not contain either of those words. However, it contained “Roxbury,” which arguably sounds close to “Rock.”[1]

9. Helene Smith

Born Catherine Muller, Helene Smith (1861–1929) claimed to be reincarnated from the famous French queen Marie Antoinette. She also claimed to be the reincarnation of the daughter of an Arab sheikh and the wife of a Hindu prince. She worked as a spiritual medium, claiming to receive messages from unseen creatures.

Smith frequently fell into trances, during which she claimed to communicate with Martians. She also said she understood the language spoken on Marsand would often speak and write what she purported to be Martian. She even made drawings of what the terrain of Mars looked like. Smith’s drawings of Mars showed beings, boats, houses, plants, bridges, and lakes scattered along the Martian terrain.[2]

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