Top 10 Crazy Theories About The Ark Of The Covenant

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Whether you’re a believer or an atheist, you’ve probably heard of the Ark of the Covenant. Either through teachings of the Bible or by watching Indiana Jones fight off Nazi troops in order to obtain it, most people are familiar with the divine relic of legend.

To some, however, the Ark is far from mere legend and is not only very real but an object worth the time, money, and even ridicule to try to recover. Indeed, if anyone were to ever locate the lost Ark, it would surely be one of the greatest finds in recorded history. Of course, there are some who believe they know exactly where the Ark is, and their claims are among many intriguing, unlikely, and even outlandish theories concerning the Ark of the Covenant.

10. Extraterrestrial Origin

For those who subscribe to ancient astronaut theory, this is a given. And their reasoning, even if you don’t buy into it, makes a certain amount of sense. When Moses was summoned to Mount Sinai, some believe it wasn’t God he was meeting but rather that he was taken aboard a spacecraft that awaited him at the top of the mountain.

When Moses returned, he had a “glow” about him, but he also seemed to have aged considerably. Although there is no way to prove it, theories suggest that this was due to the amount of time he had spent “in space,” learning all that God (aka the aliens) had to teach him. Not only did he return with the two stone tablets with the famous commandments, but he also carried the blueprint and the know-how for building what would be the Ark of the Covenant.

If the Ark did exist in reality, then the idea that it was of extraterrestrial origin—or at least from some unknown, advanced civilization—isn’t that much of a stretch of the imagination, especially when you read what ancient writings describe the Ark as being used for.

9. It Was A Communication Device

Some firmly believe that the Ark of the Covenant was a device for communicating with peoples unknown, although to the Israelites on their exodus, it was a means to communicate with God. While these theories are speculative at best, they are reasonably well–thought out, based on writings and accounts in various ancient texts, including the Bible.

When active, it was said that the image of God would appear in between the two cherubs that reside on top of the Ark, known as the Mercy Seat. There are several takes on what this may have been in reality.

Some argue that the appearances of God in the Bible, for example, are often depicted as flames or smoke or bright lights. Given that many believe the Ark to have been some kind of electrical device (which we will look at later), it is possible that when it was “activated,” there would have been sparks and flashes that some may have taken as a sign of God.

A somewhat more extreme theory is that the Ark was literally a communication device that created a hologram of the person on the other end. To those who were not at all familiar with such technologies, the suggestion that this was, in fact, God would have made perfect sense to them.

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