Top 10 Movies That Have Been Banned Around The World

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6. The Last House On The Left

Directed by Wes Craven, The Last House on the Left was produced in 1972. This movie depicted the abduction, rape, and murder of two teenage girls by a group of psychopaths.

Rejected by both the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) and Greater London Council (GLC), the film was not released for screening in the UK. In its letter of rejection, the BBFC stated, “We can find no redeeming merit, in script, in acting, in character development, or in direction, which would lead us to feel that this muddly [sic] film is worth salvaging.”

This film was released for a short time in 1982 on VHS and then was released on DVD in 2002 with 31 seconds of video cut. In 2009, a remake was produced and made over $14 million in theaters in the United States. This film has since made its way to “cult classic” status despite its restriction in certain areas of the world.


5. Song Of The South


While this movie was never banned in the United States, it was withheld from the public by Disney due to the controversial depiction of African Americans. This live-action animated comedy also inspired a popular ride at Disney World called Splash Mountain.

This movie is still not officially available on DVD because of the stereotypes it depicts. The movie is said to minimize the issue of slavery. It was last released in theaters in 1986. It has also been released in many countries on video, but Disney has never released copies in the United States.

While Disney has allowed the movie’s soundtrack to be released, it was only included in the CD box set titled Classic Disney. As one of the most popular rides at Disney World, Splash Mountain is based on a movie that has been kept from viewers for many years.

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