Top 10 Not-So-Nice Facts About Canada

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O Canada! My friendly, safe, and inviting homeland. Sweet as maple syrup, the land of please and thank yous. We are known so much in that sense that the nation of “peace, order, and good government” has acquired a reputation as a rather dull society where nothing interesting ever happens.

In fact, Canada is a complex country where there have been several periods of serious controversy. Like everywhere else in the world, Canada has a history that, although fascinating, is often not flattering. Yet by telling the full story, you get the full picture.

Here are the top 10 less than flattering controversial periods in Canadian history.


10. The Acadian Expulsion

In the 18th century, the province of Nova Scotia was colonized by British and French immigrants. After several conflicts, most of the territory came under British control. Once that happened, the property of the French immigrants was targeted and the people were expelled from the province.[1]

Homes and crops were burned, and livestock was seized. Approximately 1,100 Acadians (Canadians of French decent who immigrated to the east coast of Canada) lost everything as they were forced off their land and deported by the British navy to colonies in South Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana.

9. Asbestos Exportation

At one time, Canada was one of the largest exporters of asbestos in the world. The majority of this went to Third World countries that had neither the equipment nor the education to safely handle the carcinogenic mineral.

Although 58 countries have already banned asbestos, Canada has not yet done so. However, it is expected to implement a ban by 2018. The country’s last asbestos mine closed its doors for good in 2012.[2]

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