Top 10 Stories About The Dead Reaching Out To The Living

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The afterlife is a subject that both fascinates and terrifies. Where do people’s souls go when they die? Do some really die, see heaven or hell, then wake up to spend the rest of their lives telling others about what they saw, and what is waiting on the other side? Can those who are left behind communicate with the spirits of those who have passed away? Can the deceased leave messages or reach out and make their presence known to those still living?

10. Knock-Knock Jokes

Jacie O’Brien was just four years old when her father lost his life during the 9/11 attacks. Not long after this tragedy, her mother Lisa found Jacie having a conversation, seemingly by herself, in an empty room in their family home. When she asked about it, Lisa was astonished to hear her daughter say that she had been “talking to Daddy” and that he was telling her knock-knock jokes.[1]

To confirm what her daughter was saying, Lisa showed the little girl a picture of her dad and his co-workers (all of whom also lost their lives that day) and Jacie was able to recite their full names, despite never meeting several of them. Jacie also told her mother that she often saw her dad on the swings in the playground when she was out playing with her friends.

9. “Please Be Careful”

Author Dean Koontz is well known for his creepy horror novels. Back in September 1988, Koontz came very close to being a protagonist in his own real-life horror story. Sitting at work, he received a phone call from a woman. She sounded far away, like the connection was very bad, but he could hear her say “Please, be careful.”[2]

He demanded to know who was speaking, but the female voice just repeated the words three more times, her voice fading with each sentence. Koontz reflected on the phone call, certain that the voice sounded just like his mother’s. However, he knew it could not have been her since she had been dead for almost 20 years.

Two days later, Koontz visited his father at a care facility to try to talk some sense into him. His father had been displaying violent behavior, such as punching another patient, and Koontz was to have a talk with him.

As soon as Koontz entered his father’s room at the facility, the man grabbed a fishing knife and attempted to stab his son with it. Managing to wrestle the knife away from his father, Koontz left the room and walked straight into a group of policemen. The officers saw the knife in his hand and immediately aimed their weapons at him. Realizing the policemen would shoot him if he did not drop the knife; he did so, and then managed to convince them that his father was the one they were looking for.

Koontz remembered the eerie phone call and became convinced that whoever was looking out for him did a good job in keeping him safe by making him more vigilant. He never received a similar phone call again.

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