Top 10 Unbelievable Ways The CIA Experimented With Psychic Powers

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From 1978 to 1995, the Central Intelligence Agency ran a secret program called Stargate. Their goal was to create an army of what they called “psychic warriors”—men with superhuman abilities who could use their powers to look inside enemy bases, manipulate the physical world, and peer into the future.

This wasn’t just a few renegade kooks. The government funneled millions of dollars into the psychic warrior program. They used rigorous scientific methods to test whether these powers were real, and they were convinced enough that they put their psychics to work in hundreds of major field operations.

All of that might sound completely insane—but most of the Stargate reports call it a complete success. The CIA spent nearly 20 years working with psychics, and the results are enough to give even the staunchest of skeptics pause.


10. Psychics Remotely Viewed Confidential Documents

The main way the CIA used psychics was for “remote viewing”—or, in other words, getting psychics to use their powers to look inside sealed envelopes and buildings. Early on, the CIA ran tests by putting pictures in sealed envelopes and asking psychics to describe them. Their answers were eerily accurate.

These psychics could do some incredible things. The CIA managed to send a long-distance message to a psychic by writing it on a piece of paper, which the psychic—from another building—managed to read word for word. In another experiment, the CIA had a computer in a shielded room generate a random line of 1s and 0s, which some of the psychics could accurately reproduce.

The CIA even had the psychics go through classified CIA documents. The psychics would describe the buildings where the documents were stored, the color of the books, the topics, the lengths, and even the people who had written them. Their descriptions, the papers report, were “surprisingly accurate.” One even described a construction team that was working in the building.

“Remote viewing is a real phenomenon,” the CIA concluded after its tests. And they were pretty sure they could use it to look at their enemy’s classified documents. Psychic warriors, their report concluded, have “application potential.”

9. A Psychic Described The History Of Mars

In 1984, the CIA ran an experiment that was supposed to expose the psychics as frauds. The CIA asked a psychic to remotely view the location on a card. But instead of putting a place on Earth, the agents wrote, “The Planet Mars. 1 million years BC.”

They likely expected their subject to make a fool of himself by describing buildings and trees. But instead, the psychic started describing pyramid-shaped objects, obelisks, ragged mountainsides, and an odd-looking Sun. The mountains were “yellowish, ah . . . okra-colored,” the psychic said, repeatedly struggling with his confusion at what he was seeing. “The scale seems to be off or something. It’s just really big, everything’s big.”

When they asked the psychic to go even further back in time, he started describing large, thin people wearing strange clothes. He followed them into a place that looked like the inside of a large boat, with “very rounded walls and shiny metal.”

“They’re dying,” the psychic said. “They’re looking for ah . . . a way to survive and they just can’t.” Their environment had started to deteriorate, and they had sent out people to find a new place to live. But now they could only wait for their people to return.

“Oh God, this is difficult,” the psychic eventually let out, frustrated and confused by what he was seeing. “It’s all very cosmic. It’s like space pictures.”

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