Why Your Small Business Needs to Track its Time, and How to Do So

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One of the best lessons I learned working in corporate America was that I was in control of my time. Not my boss, not my coworkers, not even the clock on the wall. Even when it didn’t seem that way, it was true.

The problem with that lesson?

It was all well and good while someone else was in charge. At that time in my life, I made it work. I knew the limits of what I could do, and knew that there was an army of people around me similarly tasked with other aspects of achieving our collective corporate mission. No matter how diligent I was with my work, I ultimately knew that the buck didn’t stop with me. When I was sick, or on vacation, or simply not moving the needle as I hoped, I knew there was someone else to come along and keep contributing to the larger mission. We were on a collective journey to success, and I wasn’t the one leading the charge.

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, though, everything has changed. These days, the buck stops with me. I’m at the front of the pack and I’m corralling everyone else around me. Thus, it is more important than ever to think about how to best spend my days to ultimately build the business I want to build. Because if I check out, so does the business.

Time management, energy management and productivity are admittedly huge topics. Start studying one in a good book or great course and you’ll quickly find yourself with a lengthy to-do list of things to be learned!

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